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Jasper Engines
Full Time
Jasper, IN 47546
Posted 8 days ago
Job description
Our mission statement is simple: "Do It Right and Have Fun!" We are committed to remain a leading force in the automotive industry. We at JASPER are firmly committed to providing all our Associate-Owners with a safe work environment based on Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect, opportunities for Personal Growth and Development and a wide array of benefits. By becoming part of the JASPER family, you truly can OWN YOUR FUTURE!

The position hours may include the following:
Friday & Saturday 11pm-7am (not normally)

Other shifts may include covering for Full-time staff when taking off work:
Mon-Fri 3pm-11pm
Sun-Thu 11pm-7am

Below is a summary of duties:
Security personnel is responsible for monitoring the fire control panel, monitoring the Cogen room, boilers, and pressures, monitoring water meter levels in waste treatment holding tanks. This person is also responsible for ensuring emergency situations are handled in an organized and efficient manner. Monitoring surveillance cameras, monitoring parting lots, facility maintenance building and other company property. In charge of locking and unlocking doors at proper times. Must track company property on delivery tickets. Monitor severe weather conditions and initiate action, if necessary. Become familiar with emergency procedure manual, willing to work night shift, weekends, and holidays and able to keep security related information confidential.

1. Patrol the premises (interior and exterior of the facility) to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors and windows.

2. Respond to and investigate alarms, investigate disturbances/incidents and any unusual occurrences.

3. Monitor and authorize entrance and exit of employees, visitors, and vendors to; prevent shrinkage, maintain accountability of personnel, and provide a safe/secure facility.

4. Complete daily activity report of non-routine activities.

5. Complete reports for incidents and discrepancies such as: equipment or property damage, theft, presence of authorized/unauthorized persons, and safety hazards, unsafe behavior, or unusual occurrences.

6. Notify police/fire department/EMS in emergency situations (i.e. fire, intrusion, incident/injury).

7. Perform scheduled and unscheduled patrols through the facility and facility grounds to detect: leaks in and/or around plant, safety hazards, fire watch, intrusion, equipment, work areas clean and orderly, restrooms in good condition, etc.

8. Monitor controls that regulate building systems (air conditioning/furnace/boiler) and perform and document hourly readings as required.

9. Monitor and review surveillance video for incidents, unusual occurrences, unauthorized personnel or entry, and video review from holidays and weekends.

10. Perform monthly fire extinguisher, eye wash, and shower station inspections.

11. Comply with Safety/Security monthly training requirements.

12. Monitor phones (emergency calls, receive and relay messages, answer questions and provide information during non-business hours, and provide exceptional service to both customers and Associates.

13. Facility Operations (open and close facility, lock and unlock doors, and shut off/turn on facility utilities).

14. Monitor weather conditions and report severe weather to any personnel or visitors in or around the facility.

15. Manage and secure keys- sign out keys and lock/unlock doors for personnel.

16. Escort unauthorized personnel/trespassers off the property and or/detain if necessary.

17. Notify management of any events (intrusions and fire incidents or alarms, severe weather, or anything that needs to be communicated to management immediately during non-operational hours.

  • Prefered some computer skills.
Before you begin your application, please click 'Link' to take a short assessment (Link). Once you have completed the assessment, return to this page to begin the application.

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. JASPER is an at will employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, disability, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation or national origin.

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